Purpose of IPSA RC42

The Research Committee 'Systems Integration of Divided Nations' (RC42) promotes theoretical and research studies on the broad topics of national divisions and unification in order to enhance our understanding of the political dynamics of such processes. While initially focusing on countries divided during the Cold War, we now expand our focus the more recent processes of state disintegration and devolution in other parts of the world. This research committee aims to be a forum for scholars of (and from) divided, recently unified as well as newly segregated nations. Members explore the ways and means that can lead to or prevent systems integration of divided nations, enriching the understanding of division and unification processes. We encourage work that reaches beyond the focus of international relations by looking at individual country studies as well as comparative work to examine the political reality of divide nations. This connects the findings with the wider debate on national (or ethnic) integration. As a forum for interaction and communication the committee aims to bring together scholars from different parts of the world and theoretical traditions to contribute to the debate on the theoretical, empirical and policy implications.

If you would like to join RC42 and hear more about its activities, please send a message to IPSA.RC42@gmail.com.