22nd IPSA World Congress

Korean Unification and Regional Security Environment Monday, July 9, 2012 09:00 to 10:45 - JOUR, C209

Chair: Ha, Young-Sun - Seoul National University, Korea

Discussants: Yoo, Se Hee - Hanyang University, Korea Kim, J.R. - Ministry of Unification, Korea Hwang, Jihwan - University of Seoul, Korea Lee, Jung Hoon - Yonsei University, Korea

Papers: “A Shrimp between Fighting Whales? U.S.- China Relations and Korean Reunification” Kim, Taehyun - Chung-Ang University, Korea “Korean Unification and Regional Cooperation” Han, Sukhee - Yonsei University, Korea “CSTO ad NATO: From Rivalry to Dialogue of Regional Security Integration Structures” Nikitin, Alexander - Moscow State Institute for International Relations, Russia “Multilateral approach toward Inter-Korean Relations” Yu, Hyun Seok - Kyung Hee University, Korea

Revisiting Korea’s Unification Policy Monday, July 9, 2012 11:00 to 12:45 - JOUR, C209

Chair: Kim, Hakjoon - Dankook University, Korea

Discussants: Yoon, Sung-Suk - Chonnam National University, Korea Kim, Keun Sik - Kyungnam University, Korea Shim, Ji Yeon - National Assembly, Korea

Papers: “Change of Korean Politics and Its Impact on Foreign Policy” Kim, Hosup - Chung-Ang University, Korea “Rethinking the Sunshine Promise: North Korean Reform Progress and South Korean Economic Assistance, 1995-2005” Kim, Jin-Ha - Korea Institute for National Unification, Korea “South Korean Diplomacy for Unification” Chun, Chaesung - Seoul National University, Korea “Understanding of 2012 Korean Elections, Politics and North Korean Factor” Park, Myoung-Ho - Dongguk University, Korea

North Korea’s Current Situation and its Future Monday, July 9, 2012 13:00 to 14:45 - JOUR, C209

Chair: Kim, Dalchoong - Yonsei University, Korea

Discussants: Lee, Sang-Hyun – MOFAT, Korea Hyun, In-Taek - Korea University, Korea Burdelski, Marceli - Polish Political Science Association, Poland Kim, Yong Ho - Inha University, Korea

Papers: “Action Plan for Effectively Inducing Change in North Korea” Lee, Jung-Chul - Soongsil University, Korea Lee, Sang-Shin - Seoul National University, Korea “North Korea’s military provocations and a growing demand for Seoul’s flexibility” Choi, Jinwook - Korea Institute for National Unification, Korea “Power Transfer in North Korea and Prospects for development” Yoo, Ho-Yeol - Korea University, Korea “ Revisiting the National Reunification in Korea” Yoo, Kil Jae - University of North Korean Studies, Korea “Why there has been no democratic transition from neo-patrimonial Socialist dictatorship in North Korea: The possibilities and prospects for North Korean transition from comparative perspectives.” Im, Hyug Baeg - Korea University, Lee, Hye Min - Korea University, Korea

Regional Integration in Northeast Asia Tuesday, July 10, 2012 15:00 to 16:45 - FRM, 230

Chair: Miller, Benjamin – University of Haifa, Israel

Discussants: Wang, James W.Y. - National Chengchi University, Taiwan Hermanns, Heike - Gyeongsang National University, Korea

Papers: “Asianism and Tianxia: but Where is Uncle Sam? The Strengths and Limits of a Pacific Community” Jrde Shiu - Peking University, China “Legitimacy, Boundaries and East Asian Community: A Korean Perspective ” Lee, Jong Guk - Northeast Asian History Foundation, Korea “Approaches to Integration in East Asia” Ko, Sangtu - Yonsei University, Korea “The Peace and Security Issues on the Korean Peninsula” Burdelski, Marceli - University of Gdansk, Poland “We are Korean: Addressing the issue of national cohesion in a post-unification setting” Grzelczyk, Virginie - Nottingham Trent University, UK “When Identity meets Interest: Continuities and Changes in North Korea’s National Role Conception and P’yŏngyang’s U.S. Policy in the First and Second Nuclear Crisis” Ballbach, Eric J. - Free University of Berlin, Germany