The World Congress for Korean Politics and Society 2017
"Rebuilding Trust in Peace and Democracy"

Seoul, South Korea, June 22-24, 2017

RC42 presents two panels at the Congress:

1: Friday D02: 23일(금요일)                                                   

IPSA RC42: The Korean Peninsula and a New Order in East Asia

장소: Room2 (KF)

사회 Chair: Heike Hermanns (Gyeongsang National University)


A New Approach to Creating A Reunified Korea and A New Order in East Asia: Coevolution Strategy and Epistemic Community

           Yong-ho Kim (Inha University)

Washington’s Failure to Resolve the North Korean Nuclear Conundrum: Examining Two Decades of US Policy

           Niv Farago (Sogang University)

The Relations of the Republic of Poland with both Korean States: Yesterday, Today , Tomorrow

           Marceli Burdelski (Jagiellonian College)

Arms Transfer and Its Effects on Foreign Policy under the Abe Administration (2014-2016)      

           Yuan-yuan Hsu (Institute of Political Science, Academia Sinica)




2: Saturday sessionA room06: 24th, 9 am

IPSA RC 42: Taking a Critical Turn: Critical approaches to the debates on domestic and international

              Chair: Marceli Burdelski (Jagiellonian College , Toruń)


Securitization of China's Rise in the Anglophone Academy; Reassessing the "Copenhagen School"

Benjamin Thompson (Kyungpook National University)

Foreigner’ Narratives in South Korea: A Critical Discourse Analysis

Todd Mann (Inje University)

A Critical Review of the Debate on Refugees and Migration in Germany

Heike Hermanns (Gyeongsang National University)