The change of name for our Research Committee 42 has finally been approved.
It is now called: Security, Integration and Unification.
Although it is still a year away, the announcement regarding the next World Congress In July 2016 in Istanbul has also been made.
Currently, we are looking for broad expressions of interst with a general paper topic, so we can submit panel titles accordingly.
Please let me know broad ideas and suggestions by July 1, 2015 ( I attach a list with previous panel topics below to give you some ideas. You can submit your detailed proposal until early October 2015.
In addition, if you work on a research project or share interests with another colleagues, why not consider to bring your papers under one panel title? We can open it for further contributions from the wider public.
If you have four presenters together, please contact me about a closed panel.


Panels at past IPSA conferences and some suggestions:
  • Regional Integration in NorthEast Asia
  • Regional security (in East Asia, and beyond?)
  • Korean unification
  • Deliberation in divided societies
  • Challenges in divided and unified countries
  • Unification in Europe and beyond
  • East Asian peace processes
  • East Asia from perspectives of politics, security and Gender

Call for Panels Now Open!

The Call for Submissions (PDF) for the next IPSA World Congress of 
Political Science, to be held in Istanbul (Turkey) from July 23-28 
2015, is now open!

The theme of the 2016 edition is “Politics in a World of Inequality”.

The website for the 24th World Congress of Political Science is now 
accepting panel proposals (open and closed). Please visit the 
website for complete details on the 
congress and its main themes as well as important deadlines and 
submission guidelines.

*Please note that the Call for Paper submission will open on August 7, 
2015. Currently, paper proposals may be submitted to closed panels 
only, by invitation from the panel convenor.
Panel and Paper Submission

Anyone can submit a panel proposal or an abstract. Participants do not 
need to be a member of IPSA. In order to submit an abstract, however, 
participant must hold an IPSA online account. If you do not currently 
hold an IPSA account, you will be asked to create one before 
submitting your panel or paper proposal.
Submit a Panel

Deadline for OPEN panels: 8 July 2015
Deadline for CLOSED panels: 7 October 2015

Please take notice of the Instructions to Submit a Panel (PDF) before 
submitting your panel or paper proposal.

For more information about the Congress, please visit